Reigate and Redhill Music Festival, Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals


for Music, Speech & Drama


  1. Adjudication. Marks will not be awarded. Performers will be placed in one of five categories.
    • 'O' Outstanding, artistically and technically.
    • 'H' Honours, with commendable artistic and technical control.
    • 'M*' A commendable performance
    • 'M' Merit. A creditable performance in terms of general preparation.
    • 'P' Performer. More preparation needed.
    'O' or 'H' are necessary to qualify for an award.
  2. All awards will normally be presented at the end of the Adjudication. Due to lack of resources, no individual certificates can be issued beyond four players.
  3. Cups and trophies awarded remain the property of the Festival and must be returned to the Cups Secretary, by 1st March the following year. If cups or trophies are mislaid, the Festival  expects these to be replaced by the entry form signatory at no cost to the Festival.
  4. The adjudicator's decision is final. Any dispute connected with the Festival must be referred to the appropriate Class Secretary in writing within 30 days of the date of the Festival Concert (see para. 25), and a decision or response, as appropriate, will be made by the Committee. If a complaint is unresolved the Chairman's decision is final.
  5. Any performance may be curtailed at the discretion of the Adjudicator. Time limits must not be exceeded.
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